Telescopic Sliding Gates- P863C

Telescopic Sliding Gates are perfect for sites where extreme opening is compulsory and back run is limited due to structural situations.

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Product Description

Material :

Aluminium Alloy

Certification :

CE Certified Product

Operation :

Wireless Remote Control

Wireless Band :


Operation Voltage :

220V AC / 36V DC

Operation Temperature :

-25°C to 70°C

Surface Treatment :

Powder Coated

Colors :

Sliver /Sliver Gary /Customize


Main Features:

Motor overload protection

The motor has overload and overheating protection function to protect and prolong the life span of the motor. During an outage, the clutch can be disengaged to open the gate manually with easy & steady.


EMO Button (Emergency Stop Button)

Emergency stop button is used while any emergent problems happens.


Modular Design

The gate can be disassembled and pack in groups, convenient for transportation and easy to install on site.


Trackless Operation

The gate does not need any rails/track operates,it generates less noise compare to on track gates 


Smart Power Outage Clutch

In case of power failure, the gate comes with a unique key to unlock the clutch in order to manually open/close the gate.


Wireless Remote Control

Carry it on you and control the gates opening and closing conveniently any time, the control distance up to 50M.


Anti- Collision IR Sensor

The gate also equips with anti-collision function, when there is obstacle detected up to 600mm distance during closing mode, the gate will automatically retrieve and stop for 2 seconds.


Anti- Climb Photo Cell

The gate also equips with anti-climb alarm system, when there is an obstacle detected on top of the gates, the alarm system will turn on siren.


Security and Visibility

Equipped with caution lamp, it will rotate during gate in operation mode, to increase safety awareness. 


  Material Specification
    Material  Hardness(HW)      Specification (mm)

    Upper Beam

    6005-T6        13-17        115*80*d3    
    Lower Beam    6005-T6    13-17    135*80*d3-5    
    Front Gate Frame A / Rear G ate Frame    6063-T5    10-13    110*80*d2    
    Front Gate Frame B    6063-T5    10-13    88*80*d2.5    
    Rear Column Frame    6063-T5    10-13    80*76*d2    
    Cross Tube    6063-T5    10-13    38*25*d1    
    Auxiliary Gate Frame    6063-T5    10-13    70*25*d1    
    Supportive Bar    6063-T5    10-13    42*44*d2    
    Front / Rear Upright Post    6063-T5    10-13    150*80*d2.5    
    Rail    6063-T5    10-13    25*18

  Product Specification  

    Operation Voltage        Control Voltage    
    Current         Power    Motor RPM    Operation Temperature    
    220V ±10% 50/60Hz         220V AC / 36V DV    2.5A / 7A        300W / 250W
    1400r/min / 1800r/min        -25°C to 70°C
    Insulation Grade        Environment Humidity        IP Rating        Speed Reduction Ratio        Remote Distance    Receiver Frequency
    E    ≤90%    IP44        30 : 1    50m(Empty Space)    433MHz

Warranty :

         1. Drive Motor is warranted against manufacturer’s defect for lifetime 
         2. Standard warranty for all components is valid for 12 months from the date of delivery 
         3. This warranty does not include damages caused by:
               a. Wear and Tear 
               b. Theft
               c. Accidents
               d. Act of God & Natural Disaster
               e. Unstable power supply (i.e. inconsistent voltage or lightning) 

Project Reference :




  Project Information: Agricultural Bank of China  

  Product Model: P863C

  Installation: Unilateral Opening

  Completion Date: 2018

  Services: Consultancy, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance




  Project Information: Industrial Park

  Product Model: P863C

  Installation: Unilateral Opening

  Completion Date: 2017

  Services: Consultancy, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance




  Project Information: CHINA UNICOM (KUNSHAN)  

  Product Model: P863C & P701 & D99

  Installation: Unilateral Opening

  Completion Date: 2016

  Services: Consultancy, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance